Road Rides

Organised road rides take place every Sunday morning (weather permitting). Please check the road rides section of the forum for the most current status on the rides.

We run three rides for differing abilities/ preferences.

Social road rides

These rides have an average pace of 14-22kmph (9-14 mph) for 24-48km (15-30miles).  Routes are usually published in advance on the Social Road Rides section of the forum.

Intermediate Road Rides

These rides have an average pace of 24-27kmph (15-17 mph) for 64-96km (40-60miles).  Routes are usually published in advance on the Intermediate Road Rides section of the forum.

Sporting Road Rides

These rides have an average pace of 27+kmph (17+ mph) for 80km (50+miles). Routes are usually published in advance on the Sporting Road Rides section of the forum.


35 comments on “Road Rides
  1. Lorna Lorna says:

    I’ve just started going on these rides and am hooked! The Guys are really supportive and great fun. Couldn’t ask for more, well organised and thought out routes. I regret I can’t make every week but am always welcomed when I do. Pleased to have met some new cycle buddies too. Thanks! Lorna

    • Lorna Lorna says:

      Since I wrote my original comment I’ve been out again and I couldn’t keep up!! Just a bit too fast a pace for me sadly. Maybe one day in the future…! Lorna

      • We now have a slower paced ride on Sundays too,
        Maybe we will see you back sooner than you think.

        Feedback on all rides is most welcome.

        • Lorna Lorna says:

          Thanks! That’s great. See you soon. Lorna

        • Sarah says:

          I’ve been hoping to find a group cycle to help me with getting into cycling.
          Despite training myself to do the London to Brighton I’m still only averaging 10-11mph.
          As someone who’s self motivated I find it hard to believe there aren’t any ‘beginners’ clubs around to help people like me improve.
          Is this ‘new slow group’ likely to be slow enough for me?

          • Hi Sarah at present I don’t think it is I’m afraid we tend to average 15 mph for 40 miles. – but if Saturday’s are okay for you I would be happy to meet with you for a couple of hours to help build you up.

            Are you local to the area?

          • Sarah says:

            Sorry, didn’t see your reply, yes I’m in Billingshurst.

  2. Paul Cox says:

    Great group and top routes. Shame can’t get out every week but enjoy every ride I can make.

  3. Ashley Ashley says:

    I have been riding for nearly 5 years and have until recently never been on an organised ride, just with a few local friends. The Sunday morning rides are really good fun,I’ve now been on 2! Everyone is charming,helpful and supportive,highly recommended! Thank you everyone,Ashley

  4. Denise Porter says:

    Hi, I would love to start road cycling and was wondering if anybody would know of any groups for beginners? If not would anybody like to start one? I am a total beginner only ever had a mountain bike, fairly fit but whole point would be to get much fitter!! Any info would be appreciated. Thank you. Denise

    • Hi Denise,

      Sorry for the late reply, just saw this message now.

      We are in the middle of setting up a beginners ride for roadies at the moment, We should have it up and running by the end of January.
      These rides would be a couple hours long each sunday at a easy pace for everyone.

      Hoping to have more details soon.


      • Sarah says:

        When are these likely to start and how fast are they likely to be?

        • Hi Sarah,

          These rides will likely to be starting in a couple of weekends, the first ride is currently penciled in for the 25th of Jan, but will be confirmed by Wednesday 14th.

          They will have a rough pace of 12 – 14 mph and will cover anywhere from 15 to 30 miles depending on weather and climb.
          But will have more of an idea by the 14th.

          Hopefully this is helpful.

          • Sarah says:

            Well,if the speeds gonna be more than 11, I’m afraid I’m still after more of a beginners ride.
            Thanks for trying.

          • Sarah,

            11mph should be alright, as its only a rough guide / avg anyway.
            the ride will keep everyone together and go at a comfortable pace for everyone.

            Why not come along to the first one (25th) with Max and see how it goes?

  5. Claire Room says:

    Hi Matt
    Can you let me know what time the road ride is leaving tomorrow ?



  6. Zoe says:

    Hi Matt – have you confirmed whether the beginner rides you mention in previous posts re starting this month? Really interested in building up my stamina on a bike, but with fellow beginners!

    • Hi Zoe,

      We have confirmed the start date, but are still working on confirming the best route and start time at the moment. will know all the little details by the end of the week and will post them in the road section on the forum. (

      But the first ride is definitely on the 25th of Jan.

      • Zoe says:

        Hi Matt

        Thanks for this and have looked at the routes on the forum – I think I’m going to give the first beginner ride a go on 25th and see how it goes!?! Personally I’d prefer a slightly easier ride to begin to get used to whole group riding but I’ll give it a go whatever. Is it meeting at storrington at 8.30am on 25th?

        Thanks for putting these rides on!


        • Hi Zoe,

          That’s Great News! Max will be delighted, he will be leading most of the Beginner rides to start with.
          They will usually start at 8:30am in the winter and at 8am in the summer, So that you can meet riders from the other groups before the rides go out.

          But on the 25th Jan the ride will start at 9am from the Storrington SDB shop and will be a slightly easier ride to start with.

          The route and other details are in the forum section now where any other questions can be answered for you.

  7. scott parker says:

    hello i joined last month but have been unable to make any sundays (due to work) i cycled london2paris last year but past few months i have not been able to get out much so i am looking forward to joining you soon i am cycling lands end to john o`groats next year so need to get some miles in but at the moment feel unfit is it just one group or one faster pace and one medium pace at the moment i am averaging 13 mph :)

    • Hi Scott,

      We have 3 groups now, One Training Ride (18mph+), One Intermediate Ride (15mph+) and a Beginner Group (10mph+) that all go out on Sundays. Check in the Forum for more details about each ride.

      There is a beginner ride this Sunday (22nd Feb) that might suit you.

      Hope that helps.

  8. Sharon says:

    Hi Matt,

    Am I able to just turn up this Sunday ? Also what time is best to meet?

    Many thanks


    • Hi Sharon

      Yea you can just turn up on the day. For the beginner ride this Sunday they head out at 9am so best get there for around 10 to so you have time to meet everyone and get sorted before heading out.

      For other rides it’s best to check the forum to see what time they are leaving and then get there a little earlier than the depart time.

      Hope that helped and look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

      • Sharon says:

        Hi Matt

        Thanks for that,I can’t seem to see on the forum what time the intermediate ride starts?


        • Hi Sharon,

          Hope you got my email last week, Sorry about the delayed reply.
          Last week was our #SDB100 ride so there was no normal Sunday Intermediate ride.

          The rides are back to normal again and the Intermediate ride this Sunday (1st March) starts at 8:30am.

          I look forward to meeting you.

  9. scott parker says:

    hello is there a club ride on this isle of white in the summer i remember speaking to some one in store last year about your rides before i moved more local to storrington thanks scott

    • Hi Scott,

      There will be the IOW ride this year as well as a few other events.
      These will be posted on the Forum section of this site under Shop Rides when all the details have been worked out.

  10. Sharon says:

    Hi Matt,

    Is it ok to join you on Sunday? I’m going to give the intermediate one another go :-)


  11. Nicky King says:

    Hi, I am enquiring about your beginners road cycling. I have been cycling for a long time and have cycled round the Isle of Wight but have just bought a road bike for the first time. Would it be beneficial to come along to your Sunday rides or should I just build up my mileage locally to get used to the different style of cycling.


    • Hi Nicky,

      You are more than welcome to come along to the Beginner Rides, these rides are intended to teach you how to ride in a group and on roads, and to show you some nice routes in the local area and meet like-minded people too. Once you feel comfortable with the beginner group and have built your pace up we expect people to move on up through to the intermediate rides (if you want to).

      For details on each ride, please check the ‘Beginner Rides’ section on the forum, as start times and route distances do vary each week.

      We look forward to seeing you out on Sunday.

  12. scott parker says:

    wish i had checked the forum this morning before i heading down for beginners road ride but after speaking to off road ride leader i think i will be fine on medium ride so will see you soon on a sunday at the shop ride but might bump into you next sunday at the evans ride it

  13. Hi guys, does anyone ride out on a Sunday morning anymore?

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