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24 comments on “Contact Us
  1. Sean w Sean w says:

    Hi tried using the contact us links but no joy.
    Really interested in joining up for some road rides as never ridden socially before however completed a couple of sportifs. Could I have some more info please, Thanks Sean

  2. Stuart Stuart says:

    hello Sean. Thanks for the feedback. i have fixed the contact us email links now. You can find out information on our regular road rides on this page if it is something more specific then please send me an email from the (now working) enquirers link or post a question in our road rides forum page

    Or just respond to this comment :)

  3. Connor Murphy says:

    Hi there, I am interested in joining the SDB CC and just wanted to ask how much does the kit cost? and how would I go about purchasing kit? Just for future reference really.

    Many Thanks


    • Stuart Stuart says:

      hello Connor

      Thanks for the query. We are still in the process of finalizing the design and prices for this years club kit so i am unable to give you any details on costs at the present. The kit will be available to members through the club.

  4. AndyG AndyG says:

    Stuart can we put a picture up for our profile ?

  5. scott parker says:

    hello can you register my user name scotthere so i can post on threads thanks scott

  6. Alex says:


    Went to use the forum for the first time today, but PW wasn’t taking. I changed PW and now saying that Admin has locked me out. Assume this was because I had a few unsuccessful attempts. How long before I can retry, or do I need to do something else?



  7. Alex says:

    Nope – Forum says I am logged in, but when I attempt to do anything, I have to log back in, so do have an issue I’m afraid.

  8. James says:


    New member to the club and registered but am unable to post into the forum as would like to enquire into a ride this weekend with the intermediate road riders.


    • Hi James,

      Your account should now be active and you should be able to post in the forum now.
      Please let me know if you are still having trouble.

      Regarding the road rides, Our Intermediate Road ride is cancelled for this weekend as most of us are riding the Wiggle Surrey Sussex Scramble. But rides will resume as normal the following week, looking forward to meeting you soon.

  9. Mandy says:

    Just sending off my membership form today but can’t post on the forum to find out if I can join the beginner road ride this Sunday? I’m a keen mountain biker but have only been out on the road bike a dozen times and never in a group. Thanks Mandy

  10. Hi Mandy,

    You are more than welcome to join the beginner road group this sunday.
    and your forum account should now be active.


  11. Steve Mckevie Steve Mckevie says:

    Hi – Could you look at my site profile, as I can’t post in the forum (Usernname SteveM). Thanks Steve Mck

  12. Matthew James says:

    Hi there, looking to find a local(ish) road group for weekend rides and your intermediate road group might be what I’m looking for. Are these planned Sunday rides open for anyone to come along and join in or do I need to first become a member ?



    • Hi Matt,

      Our club rides are open to anyone to come along and try.
      And your more than welcome to join the club once you have got to know some of us and if we are a right fit for you.

      Look forward to seeing you one Sunday soon.

      Please check the forum for routes and ride times etc, and be aware that we do event rides too which sometimes can take all day

  13. Phil Starling says:

    Hi Matt,
    I’m having problems posting on the forum – perhaps my account needs to be activated? – I have registered but get ‘security code does not match’ on Windows and iPhone.
    Anyhow (i) will see you Sunday 8th May at 0830 and (ii) interested in June Downs Link ride.

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